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  1. Latinamerican Energy Organization (OLADE)
  2. Regional Electric Integration Commission-Comisión de Integración Eléctrica Regional - CIER
  3. Andean Electric Market- Mercado Electrico Andino


  1. Pioneering electricity reform in South America
  2. Concepts of Southamerican restructuring and deregulation
  3. Comparison of deregulation frameworks
  4. Competition regulation
  5. Panel on Latin American deregulation


  1. Country analysis briefs
  2. Revista Electricidad Interamericana (free bimonthly publication)
  3. Documents Electricidad Interamericana
  4. Latin investment in electricity sector


Student papers
  1. Student paper on Financial risk in electric companies in Latinamerica
  2. Student paper on Regulatory bodies in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile


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