Ministry of Energy National Energy Commission  

Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels

Expert Panel
Northen pool CDEC-SING Southern pool CDEC-SIC Fiscalía Nacional Económica Antimonopoly Commission Chilean Nuclear Energy Comission

Laws and bylaws

Transmission regulation

Distribution regulation

Dissertation on Chilean regulation (H. Matthei) 

Electricity law (includes change of 99 bis)  Electricity law (does not include change of 99 bis)

1998 Bylaws (decreto 327)

Bylaws of the pool 1985, replaced by decreto 327

 Regulation briefing

GOL computer model (to calculate regulated prices)

Project to reform electricity law 1999

 Project to reform electricity law Sept 2000

Short law project (Proyecto Ley corta) May 2002

Project to reform Chilean law March  2005 Energy supply in Chile- panel March  2005

Changes to Chilean law

May  2005


Updated Chilean law

July 2005

Integrated Chilean law

February 2007


Reports and publications

Article reviews of El Diario Financiero

Internal Workshop on the project to reform the law Sept. 2000 CIER (Information on Chile) News (Eclipse Electroconsultores) Chivilingo, a milestone of electricity history Chilean crisis, U. Chile panel, June 2001
Student paper on Uncertainties in the Chilean power generation business   Student paper on The Chilean Northern Interconnected System (SING) Student paper on Electric generation competitivines in Chile   Student paper on International electric interconections from Chile Student paper on Eolic and geothermal energy in Chile  Student paper on rural electrification in Chile
Student paper on SIC and SING interconection

Student paper on Company ownership and contracts in Chile

Student paper on Nuclear plants in Chilean supply Student paper on International interconnections and their teachings for Chile Student paper on Chilean law changes (ley corta) Student paper on The rol of the State as regulator in Chile
Student paper on Transmission pricing in the SING Student paper on Non regulated markets    



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